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Expert delivery of current hydrogen technologies paired with cutting edge innovation of NextGen technology

HydroStar'S NEXTGEN 

Game changing technology which can use impure water directly as feedstock 

Designed and built for energy efficiency, simplicity of maintenance and resilience in operation, the NextGen totally removes the need for highly purified water and the water purification plant which comes with it

Specifically designed to operate with fluctuating renewables, with rapid response and turn on times.

The NextGen can be used as a 50kW stand alone unit for smaller projects and remote areas, or as a 1MW Energy Pod which produces up to 450kg of 98% pure H2 per day depending on input power source.

The NextGen breaks new barriers in terms of design;

  • Patent pending membraneless gas separation technology

  • Fully recyclable and readily available materials

  • Uses only Green Chemistry, no dangerous or caustic electrolytes

  • Maintenance is minimal - no moving parts or precious metals

  • Heat generation is low and controlled


Portable Green Energy.

HydroStar's Portable Modular Systems allow us to link 1MW Pods in multiples up to 100MW to suit any clients requirements, controlled by AI algorithms which optimise efficiency whilst maintain resilience of supply.

Each Pod is ‘Plug and Play’ ready, allowing for immediate onsite production of Hydrogen. Since each Pod stands as an independent entity we can provide uninterrupted production of H2, even during maintenance periods. 


It is that kind of total flexibility and adaptability, combined with an understanding of clients needs, that make HydroStar distinctive in the Hydrogen production industry.

Portable Sustainability

Solar PV shown - Control room only.


Factory in China 3.JPG


Rapid delivery of electrolysers tailored entirely to your site needs

Whether you're wanting to switch to 100% hydrogen or have a staged approach to hydrogen uptake, HydroStar can help. 


Where we differ from other suppliers is working with our clients to understand their energy and financial needs, then tailor our installations to match. We can integrate with current plants, and provide full commissioning with balance of plant.


Because of our unique supply chain, we can deliver reliable and competitively priced Alkaline and PEM electrolysis systems faster than any of our competitors.

Think you might need hydrogen storage onsite as well? Take a look at our innovative, integrated storage and compression systems too. 


Fully integrated hydrogen storage, compression and purification

We understand that purely producing hydrogen isn't the only consideration. That's why HydroStar is developing innovative hydrogen storage systems which can simultaneously provide full compression and purification to deliver fuel cell grade hydrogen at 400+ bar of pressure.

Our metal hydride systems have the highest safety standards. Once the hydrogen is absorbed into the hydride, it can only be released when specific levels of heat are applied, which means full hydrogen retention and no leakages. This means 100% of the hydrogen absorbed can then be delivered highly purified and compressed whenever you need it.

Applications in HGV refuelling, Marine vessel refuelling and onsite energy storage.

B9tm Electrolyte

Totally Green Chemistry in every way

Our Green chemistry brings a new meaning to the phrase environmentally friendly.

Our product originality stems from the fact that whilst other companies are using caustic chemistry, rare earth minerals, and even worse have to have special disposal regulations imposed by the EPA, HydroStar’s B9™ does not.  It is exactly that, benign!

B9™ is an unparalleled blend of Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) and European Union (EU) approved ingredients. It passes the most strict environmental and health testing globally.


Greener than green, this product has no harmful effects either in mixing, usage, blending or disposal. B9™ is a zero maintenance, sustainable catalyst, producing High-Grade Hydrogen, in other words a totally clean energy.

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